Registration    Prior to bidding, you must register, either by completing our online registration form or completing the process by phone (please call  (914) 388-2940.)  Any questions, please send email to

There are two ways to bid in the auctions:

Online Bidding   You may enter bids online by visiting  When doing so, you can bid the next increment or a "ceiling bid" that represents the maximum price you are prepared to pay before consideration of the buyer's premium of 15%. 

Telephone Bidding   You may also enter bids by calling (914) 388-2940 and having us enter bids online on your behalf until the day before each auction.  When doing so, you can either elect to choose the next bidding increment or a "ceiling bid" that represents the maximum price you are prepared to pay before consideration of the buyer's premium of 15%.

Structure, conditions, and Closings of Auctions

There are two phases of the auction.  During the first phase which ends at 9PM EST, you may enter bids on any lot you would like.  Only those who have bid in the first phase can bid in the second phase.  After 9PM EST, bidding will continue until 11PM EST when the 10 minute rule goes into effect. The auction continues to be open until 10 minutes have past without a bid being entered. Thus, the earliest the auction can end is 11:10PM EST.

There are NO RESERVE prices.  The minimum bid is the least amount that we will accept for a lot.

Bidding increments.   All bids must be at least 10% higher than the highest bid.  If the highest bid is $1,000, for example, the next bid must be at least $1100.  All items will be sold to the highest bidder.  All bids have to meet the minimum prices listed. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to pull an item from the auction for any reason.   We also reserve the right to postpone or delay the auction for any reason without recourse from any bidder or prospective bidder.

Errors and descriptions.   Also, we reserve the right to remove an item from our auction at any time.  Any error in an auction listing or lot description, whether typographical, photographic or technical, well be dealt with at our discretion. 

Bids cannot be retracted   Once placed, a bid cannot be retracted or withdrawn.  Once a bid is entered, an outbid notice will automatically be sent to online bidders.  Entering a bid constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of this auction.

Buyers premium and fees.      A 15% buyer's premium is added to the winning bid on all lots.  For example, if you are the high bidder at $1000, you will be invoiced for $1,150.  In addition, your invoice will include insurance, shipping, handling charges, and sales tax if applicable. 


After the auction:

Notification.   You can view an electronic copy of your invoice by logging into your account.  Invoices will also be emailed to you.

Payment.   Payment is due no later than 10 days after electronic invoices are available.  Failure to pay promptly may result in suspension of your bidding privileges.  Personal checks are accepted but merchandise will be held to allow time for the check to clear.  We accept personal checks, money orders, and cash. 

Shipping.   Winning bidders are responsible for insurance, shipping and handling charges, and sales tax, if applicable.  All items are sent by U.S. Mail.  Please note that for large, heavy or fragile items, buyers may wish to make special arrangements for shipping. 

ALL SALES FINAL.   All sales are final.  There are NO RETURNS. We strongly encourage all bidders to call before placing bids on any lots to get more detailed descriptions as we cannot guarantee that every item described by us will be accepted or graded the same by yourself or a third party grading service as this is somewhat subjective.  Ask all questions prior to the auction!

Non-payment by winning bidder.   If payment in full is not received within 14 days after electronic invoices are available on our website, we reserve the right, without further notice, to resell any or all of the items you won.  We can sell to underbidders , offer the lots again in a future sale, etc.  In addition, a service charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to any outstanding balance after 14 days.  You agree to pay all of our expenses including attorneys' fees incurred in attempting to collect any sums due. 

Authenticity.     Andy Sandler's All Sports Auctions, LLC stands behind the authenticity of each item it sells as experts in each particular area of the hobby have been consulted, if necessary.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to verify authenticity.  Andy Sandler's All Sports Auctions, LLC and its agents will be the sole determinants of the authenticity of each and every item sold.  We are not bound by the opinion of grading services, third-party authenticators or experts.  Letters of authenticity are only available for those lots where they are listed in the lot's description.  Otherwise, your invoice will serve as your letter of authenticity. 

Governing law and jurisdiction.    The rules and conditions of the sale and the conduct of the auction shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.  By bidding at auction, whether online or by telephone, you shall be deemed to have consented to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of California and the Federal courts sitting in such state. 

Acceptance of conditions.   Placing a bid in a Andy Sandler's All Sports Auctions, LLC auction, whether online or by telephone, constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.