by Andy Sandler

     First off, thank you for stopping by.  I have seen many changes in the hobby since I started going to shows in 1973.  Things really started changing in the mid to late 1990’s with the internet.  When I ran Teletrade Sports Auctions starting in late 1995, I went to 40 to 50 sports card and memorabilia shows a year.  Now, it is less than 10.  For many, there is no need to leave your computer and/or home.

Relevant purchasing information is now available to all on the internet.  What date was Jackie Robinson’s first game?  Who was Martin Dihigo and why is his name on a baseball glove?  Why is his name not in the Baseball Encyclopedia?  What is “Vernon” or “Hollywood” on a pennant?  Was there Pro Basketball before  1950 and the NBA?  When we old collectors ran through flea markets and antique shops we had to know these things, and all else, by memory.  We had to know this stuff instantly or someone else would beat us to the punch.  Now, with the internet and all the electronic devices, you just have to know where to look, and can do it instantly.

Ebay and other sites have shown us what is truly rare vs. what really is not.  We also had to know the values of all things.  Say I go to a flea market in southern California and I spot a 1927 USC (University of Southern California) school yearbook with John Wayne in it, as well as a 1969 Seattle Pilots baseball media guide.  Ebay shows us how readily available they are nationwide.  We did not have this advantage way back when.  Ebay and other sites show us supply and demand for these items which is still strong but less than it once was.  Also, everyone has the same access no matter where they live in the country.

I think the key to collecting is to enjoy!!!  Collect what you like with the thought of “investing” lower on the list.  Sample all the various aspects of the hobby as well as all types of collectibles that the sports hobby has to offer.  You may learn something about yourself that you did not know, before.  This will affect changes in our hobby’s future!!!
At AllSportsAuctions.comyou have come to the right place to start!!!!